Alex Rodriguez

by Shane from Center

My hero is Alex Rodriguez; he is a Major League Baseball player that plays for the Texas Rangers, in Dallas Texas. He is number three in the Texas uniform and is highly respected. He has earned his wisdom and privilege of saying “Yea I am A-Rod.”

Alex has come up from the collage level to the pros. He is an excellent ball player, offence and defense; he is the best shortstop infielder I have ever seen and a great base hitter as well. He has a one of the highest averages for the Texas Rangers now and is still gradually advancing.

Alex Rodriguez believes in helping teens to reach their goals. He has done videos and clips for helping kids stay away from drugs and gangs so that they will have a future and a dream. He has the commercial “milk does the body good,” That helps a lot of kids out, so if they think he doesn’t do the drugs then they why should they and look in the place he is in now without drugs and alcohol. He lives in Dallas Texas and is one of the most highest paid ball players that are playing in the major leagues. My dad has figured it up a while back and I have forgotten but he makes more in one up too bat then most average people’s income in a year. Now that is a lot of $money$ for a single person in the Major Leagues

Alex Rodriguez is in great shape for his age and is very healthy. He has a nickname of “A-Rod”, he gets that of his teammates and coaches and other people such as fans. He has a spectacular glove on defense and a bomb on offense, which is where “A-Rod” comes in.

Rodriguez has great team spirit and has love for the game and I think that is where I come in. I am in love with the game just as much as he is. He has a lot of talent and he shows it on the field, which he is paid greatly for that. May be one day I can be in his shoes and follow him in his footsteps, and have every fan in the stadium scream my name like they do his when he walks on the field just for warm-ups. It’s weird to see but it is true, you know you are the man when walking walk out on the field and every one is screaming your name; its not just great to hear your name being screamed out, but just knowing that every person in the stands has came to see you in your uniform, and to show out for them with your magnificent talent for baseball.

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