Ron Reagan Jr.

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Ron Reagan, Jr. (NBC Universal/MSNBC)
Ron Reagan, Jr. (NBC Universal/MSNBC)

Ron Reagan may be best known as the youngest son of our fortieth president, but he may be best admired for his courage to speak out for what he believes. Ron Reagan is an avid spokesperson for stem-cell research, going so far as to speak at the Democratic National Convention to promote his cause. It is important to him to see advancements in medical therapy for Diabetes, Parkinson's, and the Alzheimer's that claimed his father, President Ronald Reagan, as well as for other diseases. When Ron Reagan argues against George W. Bush or breaks from his family’s roots in the Republican Party, the potential for cures far exceeds the potential rifts.

Even as a young man, Ron had the ability to be an individual, despite the ubiquitous press and sometimes critical public eye. Ron left Yale University during his freshman year to pursue his love of dance. He joined the Joffrey Ballet. After his performance years ended, Reagan went on to write for magazines like Esquire and The New Yorker, comment for MSNBC, and, most recently, co-host a political-cultural radio talk show. With each job, Reagan follows another important family value: to be self-sufficient.

A registered independent from one of the most beloved Republican families, Ron Reagan says, "I have no choice but to speak for myself. It's all I've got; nobody's telling me what to say." As his father taught by example in kindness and respect, Ron teaches us a lesson in the importance of speaking up.

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Ron Reagan is also featured in the book, My Hero, as he writes
about his heroes: his father, former President Ronald Reagan, Nelson Mandela, and Tibetan Monks