by Edher from Tampico, Mexico

The Future is yours

My hero is Ronaldihno; the best soccer player that today plays with the Barcelona football club. He’s real name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. He was borned in Porto Alegre; Brazil in 1980 . At the age of 12 years old he participated in his first soccer club “The Gremio of Porto Alegre” but his first debut in an official team was on 1997 in which he enters to a French team. Time passed and then the played in Korea-Japan World Cup in which he played the selection of Brazil. But then important people saw how he plays and then they want to buy him. One team was the Real Madrid, the other was the Manchester United and the last was the Barcelona. The Real Madrid leaves and not accepts, but then only 2 teams Were waiting for him to accept then the chose the Barcelona because the Manchester had a trouble with his president and he didn’t accept.

Ronaldihno is my hero because he plays very good the soccer and because I think that is very fantastic how he makes that with his feet, and how he makes his tricks with the ball. But not is only for that he is also my hero because when he was little he dreamed to be in the Barcelona and he works a lot to make his dream come true and he obtained his dream, he also obtained to be known by all people in the world. And today he is a very good soccer player, a very famous person. And I chose this person also because he is kind, because in Christmas at the end of one soccer game he gave one of his t-shirt to a old man I think that act was very kindful.

I considered him a hero because when he scores make smile hid fans and other people. I also considered him a hero because he make good actions like when he make campaigns to help poor people to gave them food and a home to live. He is not only my hero because he is famous or because he is a very good soccer player he, is my hero because he is a very good person.

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