Rosa Parks

by Erika from Romeoville, Illinois

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Rosa Parks

A Writing On Rosa Parks
I chose Rosa Parks, because although she didn’t do a lot, it meant a lot to all of the people out there. I think we all appreciate what she did for us. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be friends with the people I’m friends with now. I really, really thank her for all that she did for us.

Rosa Parks is not just any person, she’s a very brave courageous and special person. If it wasn’t for her, the blacks would still be pushed around by the whites. Parks had the courage to stand up to that white guy that asked her for her seat. She had the courage to be part of the bus boycott no matter how long it would take for the blacks and the whites to understand that we’re all the same.

<a href=>Rosa Parks </a>
Rosa Parks

Rosa was really brave.

She didn’t care what people said to her about killing her or getting arrested. Rosa Parks sacrificed her safety. She might have been arrested or even killed by the KKK, just for leading the boycott.

The reason why she almost got herself killed was that the whites got mad that the blacks wouldn’t get on the buses. The whites would lose money if the blacks wouldn’t get on the buses. I think that was a big sacrifice she made for us all. If she hadn’t done that, I don’t know who would have been the first black person to stand up to a white person.

Parks was a leader because she showed the world that everyone has the right to hang out with whomever they want to. She also helped Martin Luther King Jr. show the world that we’re all the same, no matter what color or race we are, and that we shouldn’t be racist or care what color other people are. Were all the same, no matter what people say.

Rosa Parks’ passion was for the black and whites to get along. She never believed in racism. She really just wanted to be friends with everyone, no matter what color or race they were. She didn’t care, she always knew that the blacks and the whites weren’t different, because that was her passion. Now we’re all here getting along because of her.

She inspires me, because if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be hanging out with the people we hang out with now. Maybe we wouldn’t even have as many friends. We wouldn’t even live in the same neighborhood. She really inspires me because she made us all be able to talk to each other. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t go to the school I go to, or drink out of the same water fountain, or even eat at the same restaurant as everyone else.

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

My Time Line On Rosa Parks

- Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913

- Rosa didn’t want to give up her seat on December 1, 1995

- On Friday December 2, 1955 E.D. Nixon called a meeting with all the black leaders so they could discuss how to fight the bus segregation.

- In 1955 all city buses in Montgomery were segregated.

- Her and her husband moved to Detroit Michigan in 1957

- Her husband died in 1977.

- She got a presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996.

- She got another Medal called the Congressional Gold Medal in 1999.

- She died at the age of 92 in the year of 2005.

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People cheering her name,
As they support her sayings.
The words of wisdom that come out of her mouth and touched our hearts.
The children crying for freedom, saying her name, cheering for her.
Adults and children saying things about her.
The way her words touched all of our hearts and her fighting for the black’s made them stronger and stronger.
The people with their children and the children looking up to her.