Wilma Rudolph

by Tera from Omaha, Nebraska

Wilma Rudolph was born June 23, 1940. She was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. In the beginning she was tutored by her family because she was crippled, but at age seven she started to attend public school. Before Wilma had an interest in running she participated in basketball while in high school. Wilma came from a very poor family. She was the 20th child out of 22! Wilma was born prematurely which resulted in her weighing only 4.5 pounds. She received many awards because of her intelligence and her fast-running ability. She died at the age of 54 on the day of November 12, 1994. She made a remarkable appearance to the world and I will never forget her.

Wilma Rudolph is a hero to me because she fought for what she wanted to be in life without anyone stopping her. A lot of obstacles came her way but still she kept on pressing on. A hero is someone that you look up to, someone that you can call a good role model, and they are well-liked by many people just because of their great personality and their determination to do what’s right. Wilma is a very strong woman because most people would’ve given up after they faced what she faced which was polio. That’s why I greatly respect her. Her intelligence and eagerness stood her out of the crowd.

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