S.A.D. Horse Rescue

by Lindsay from Millbrook

They are so beautiful and loving! (S.A.D.'s web page)
They are so beautiful and loving! (S.A.D.'s web page)

S.A.D. Horse Rescue is not like all the other horse rescue institutions. It has a main focus of rescuing draft horses. S.A.D. feels that these big gentle animals get forgotten about too often. They go through years of hard work at their prime age, when they are young, to the point of severe exhaustion, and experience abnormal thinness caused by lack of nutrition or disease. Then, when they can no longer be of any worth to their owners, they are tossed into the action bound for the meat slaughterhouse. None of their owners want to pay to bring them back up into a good healthy condition. When they come to S.A.D. the are given love and proper nutrition.

S.A.D. is a small organization located in Alliston, Ontario. This rescue organization was founded by Andrea and Henry, a married couple. They are the only two workers there. They run the facility without volunteers and enjoy doing all the work, because they love what they do. S.A.D. was founded in 2004, and has since rescued 70 horses. Although many have been rescued and given a second chance with life, some have had to be put down because they were beyond help. After all of the horses are brought back to a state of mental and physical health, they are put up for adoption to families that will love them and give them a caring and forever home.


Apache on his first day at S.A.D.
Apache on his first day at S.A.D.

Meet Apache. He is a sweet gelding that was brought to S.A.D. with his sister April, from a meat buyer. He was in the worst condition that Andrea and Henry had seen in a while. He needed lots of dental work and treatment for rain rot, which is an uncomfortable skin disease. He even had to be reminded that he WAS SUPPOSED to eat; he didn't know this because he had been so neglected. He is now doing so much better, as you can see in the picture below. He still has a long way to go, but I wish him and his sister the best of luck in finding an amazing home.

Troy at a couple of weeks of age. He's just a baby.
Troy at a couple of weeks of age. He's just a baby.

Meet Tory. This sweet little girl went back up to heaven when she was only 3 weeks old. When her mother was pregnant she was tossed into a meat sale and was in very bad condition. Thankfully, Tory did not die at birth, but her immune system didn't start up and she passed away. She fought all the way and would not give up for a long time, even when it was not likely for her to survive. This is really unfortunate! She was so young and didn't even have a chance. At least now, she can live on in spirit.

Ever since I was about 5 or 6 years old, I have been involved with horses. I have had the pleasure of owning my own horse named Cochise. I bought him when I was 12, but I have now outgrown him and have had to sell him. It was really hard to part with him, because we had a stronger relationship every time I went to ride him. It was during the two years that I owned him that I really started to understand how loving and extremely intelligent horses are. They are amazing creatures, and they are so smart! I hate to hear when animals are abused or neglected, but it hurts even more when those animals are horses. The minute I visited S.A.D.'s website, I knew that I would choose them for My Hero. I read through their stories on all the horses they have saved, and the horses that died because they were beyond help. I was in tears with some of the tragic stories that I read and could not help thinking, wow, Andrea and Henry are truly doing something incredible. They are not in this for money or just to have a job. No, they are saving lives of beautiful horses that all deserve so much more than what they get. They do it because they want to help, they are doing something with their lives, and they are making a difference. It makes me realize that there is nothing better that I want to do when I am older. This is my goal and they have inspired me because they showed me it is possible. THEY ARE HEROES; they are heroes to the horses they have rescued, AND they are my heroes.

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