Apostle Samuel Enoragbon Ogbonmwan

by Gentle from Tokyo

Apostle Samuel Ogbonmwan (You can  make it ...Ogbonmwan*s  way)
Apostle Samuel Ogbonmwan (You can make it ...Ogbonmwan*s way)

  "There is a story that needed to be told and such is the story of Apostle Samuel Enoragbon Ogbonmwan. A man who in spite of all odds, defied it all and rose from a zero point to a hero point. A man who had a vision that did not die, a man who refused to give up when the world around him wanted him to, and God later turned his scar to a star to give light to people around him. Samuel Ogbonmwan became blind at a very young age of 14. His physical disability could not stop him from achieving his goals. He rose to the position of a general superintendent of a big Christian organization in Nigeria.

Samuel Ogbonmwan came at a period when Christianity was completely alien to his people. The people of his community viewed Christianity as strange. It was an era when idolatry was at its peak, various kinds of imported idols flooded all corners of Benin City. Houses and street junctions stunk from sacrifices offered to different idols.

Apostle Samuel Enoragbon Ogbonmwan (C A.C.G.M  Archive)
Apostle Samuel Enoragbon Ogbonmwan (C A.C.G.M Archive)

It was in this period Samuel Ogbonmwan surfaced and systematically and painstakingly evangelized the great city of Benin, presenting it a spiritually revolutionized City. At the very onset, Samuel Ogbonmwan, with a bell and a bible in his hand and a guide, moved from house to house in Edo state preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who cared to listen. He also organized numerous crusades to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the people, and because he believed that the gospel of Jesus Christ was the tool for transforming the individual and by extension the society in the right path, Samuel Ogbonmwan on 14th January 1974 founded the Christ Apostolic Church of God Mission, a Christian organization which as of today has several branches spread across Nigeria, Europe, Canada and the United states. He was quite unique in his evangelical approaches in the sense that, he was involved in drastic grassroots evangelism. Apostle Ogbonmwan was blessed with exceptional talent of singing. This talent he maximized to the fullest and was helpful a great deal in his evangelical outreaches. Apostle Ogbonmwan who has a sonorous and captivating voice was the first person to start the singing of gospel music in Bini dialect, both the young and old people became attracted to Christianity through his effort..

He also had a peculiar way of delivering gospel sermons and messages across to his audience. With music, parables and proverbs he stylishly penetrated the hearts of the people with the gospel of Christ and became one of the first Edo indigene to have established Christianity as a way of life of the people of his state. In a city that was once referred to as idolatrous, today, Christianity is not only a household name but thousands of lives have been transformed in Nigeria and around the world through his effort.

Samuel Ogbonmwan (C A.C.G.M  Archive)
Samuel Ogbonmwan (C A.C.G.M Archive)

Apostle Samuel Ogbonmwan was born on 5th of August 1930 at Emodu village in Edo State of Nigeria. he was the eldest son of pa Ibraham Ogbonmwan Okunwague, and his mother was Hanna Ruyogho Ogbonmwan (nee Osaghae). He had a difficult beginning as he was growing up. He was made a house help to many of his uncles for the purpose of been sent to school but he was however restricted to the farm. Finally, he started his elementary school at the age of 14 years. In the course of his education, he displayed a sign of academic excellence. He was a very intelligent pupil and was on top in his class. He had a double promotion on two consecutive occasions, he was also keen sportsman in school, represented his school in soccer and athletics.

However, his outstanding performance engendered jealousy. In fact, that was the beginning of his odyssey. In 1947 young Samuel's right eye started to develop some itching sensation and not quite long afterwards he lost the sight in his right eye. In 1948, his left eyesight deteriorated as well. It was no longer possible for him to see with it. After a few months into 1949, both eyes went completely blind and his education was terminated. "Sadness and depression pervaded his village."

Many traditional medicine doctors were invited to effect treatment but all to no avail and some of them even unleashed dastardly acts on him which almost cost him his life. Unable to see, without any means of livelihood, conscious of the agony of his parents and the despicable behaviour of the traditional doctors/herbalists, young Samuel lost all psychological balance, he suffered from neurosis. He thought of the way out of the mess. He decided on the least line of resistance -- suicide. He attempted to take his life on three occasions. On the first two occasions he was talked out of it by a relative and on the third one he had a vision from God which completely transformed his life.

    Apostle Samuel Ogbonmwan started elementary school in 1944 at age 14 at The Ahmadidiya Moslem School (now Idah Primary School),
    Got converted to Christian faith in 1954,
    Got baptized in 1957, He got married in 1965 to former Miss Grace Obasuyi (deaconess), the marriage is blessed with five surviving children.
    On 17th August 1970 was ordained a prophet at Akoko Edo local government area of Edo State in Nigeria.
    On 3th January, 1974 founded a church .. The Christ Apostolic Church of God Mission.
    Organized a gospel musical band ( The Glad Tiding Singers )for the purpose of grassroots evangelism.
    On April 1983, he was invited by the King of Benin kingdom (Oba Erediawa 1) to preach to his royal household and chiefs.
    November 1991 he was awarded a honorary Doctorate degree in practical theology by All Nations for Christ institute, an affiliate of the Oral Robert's University in Oklahoma, United States.
    His Television programme (the Triumphant Hour) had wide viewer ship through which he was able to inspire people to have a positive outlook in life.
    In 1999, Apostle Ogbonmwan was awarded another honour in gospel work in preaching and singing by the pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria.
    On 13th July, 2000, Apostle Ogbonmwan was honoured with certificate award by Merit Media Network of Nigeria.
    He was made Justice of the Peace (JP) on 12th September 2001 by the government of Edo State of Nigeria.
    In 2005 and 2006, Apostle Ogbonmwan was honoured by two groups - vice Biz group as best singer and Edo Christian gospel preachers and Artists in the federation and the Christian Gospel Patron and best producer of the year in Edo Gospel Music.
    January, 2007, the King of Benin honoured him with the award of BENIN ACHIEVERS.

Samuel Ogbonmwan was certainly “a chosen vessel onto God to bear God’s name before kings, princes/princesses and children of the world." Samuel Enoragbon Ogbonmwan is indeed a hero in Christ Jesus. Despite his visual impediment, he was very conversant with the Bible like a professor of theology is; this factor enabled him to do great exploits for the Lord and affected the lives of many people around him positively. This great man of God will be forever remembered for his deeds. Apostle Samuel Enoragbon Ogbonmwan, on July, 2007, passed on to glory. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus' name, Amen.

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Apostle Samuel Ogbonmwan, in spite of his physical disability, devoted his life to inspiring and transforming lives of people in his community.