Sarah Anderson

by Brianna from Chihuahua

Living for God's Glory
Angie, Rose, Gaby, Claudia, Vicky, Sarah, Esme (Sarah A.)
Angie, Rose, Gaby, Claudia, Vicky, Sarah, Esme (Sarah A.)

Imagine spending nine months in a rundown orphanage in a third world country, serving little children by washing their underwear, making their food, and even plucking fleas from their hair. Sarah Anderson, a young woman in her mid-20s, did just that four years ago when she volunteered to make Chihuahua, Mexico, her temporary home. Here, her heart for these children prompted her to endure the challenges of learning a new language and living in a new culture. She did not stop there, but later saw a need in the teenage orphan girls and decided to do something about it. This strong, young missionary definitely occupies a valuable place on my current hero list for her desire to wholeheartedly dedicate herself to serving others.

Sarah has revealed her heart to live for God through her amazing selflessness and bravery, her special mission, and her incredible desire to glorify God by serving others. Boldly, Sarah left her home and family to start a completely different mission of her own design. Overcoming governmental and financial barriers, she took on six older teenage girls from the orphanage for the purposes of stewarding them in their education and giving them stability in life. These girls, who otherwise would have been dismissed from the orphanage at age 15 to be left on the streets with no place to live, nothing to eat, and, above all, no chance of ever obtaining a stable future, now have a place to call home. Functioning like an average family, Sarah gives them a chance to taste a life of shopping, hanging out with friends, and going to the movies while at the same time having the chance to make a home together. They all live happily in one cute house where they have chores and kitchen duties. Along with this wonderful mission that she has set up, Sarah also spends her time making trips to the old folks' home, serving my church significantly, and leading the church's youth in the path of missions. All in all, Sarah's example of unselfishness, boldness, vision, and service has impacted me profoundly.

Undoubtedly, Sarah belongs on my hero list because of her fearlessness to do the right thing, her devotion to leading these six young women, and her constant desire to serve others. Remarkably, Sarah has only lived in Chihuahua, Mexico, on and off for about four years and in that time she has managed to make her mark on the lives of many. Having now acted as the mother and big sister of her six girls for over a year, Sarah has given them an example to follow for the rest of their lives. For the most part, Sarah has primarily inspired me to live for God's glory and never to let myself be anxious or doubtful of His grace, even when faced with a challenging mission.

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Sarah Anderson is the Director of Nueva Esperanza, which provides a safe environment for girls emerging from orphanages in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

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