Community Heroes

Alonso Blandon

by Agustin from Medellin

Who or what is a hero? Well, I know a very brave hero. He is named Alonso. His job is very important. He is a soldier in Colombia. He told me stories about when he caught thieves. Also, he told me about when he saved two birds because their nest was falling.

My hero is very brave. He stopped a robbery in a mall. "I caught a man robbing. He said it was for his kids but he got arrested, "Alonso said. He said, "I only work for people that go on a special event."

Alonso was brave because he survived some years without seeing his family. Alonso saved a dog too in a street. He told me that one of the most painful things was when he got 5 grenade pieces in his body. "I was taken by the soldiers because I went to help my brothers but they took me instead," Alonso said.

Alonso helped lots of people. He had funny stories like when he thought coat with sunglasses was a coat! Alonso was very kind with me and we played games.

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