Sandra Bullock

by Mikayla from Alpine

Sandra Bullock is an actress; she has won Golden Globes, Emmy, MTV's Generation Award, and many more. Her recent award is Favorite Humanitarian, which in my book is most important. Sandra is an amazing actress, she has been my hero ever since I saw the Blind Side. She's a very good role model, and does great things. That's why I want to be like her. When I first saw the Blind Side, when it came out on DVD, I was amazed by her role she had portrayed. I watched all her other movies. Sandra Bullock was born on July 1964. And I first recognized her in her portrayal in The Blind Side. I was going through a really bad family problem. And watching her in movies and interviews made me feel better. It also changed what I wanted to be as an occupation. This is why she is my hero.

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