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Susan Cain (  ())
Susan Cain ( ())

Nowadays, people who are considered shy and unsociable, the people who think too much and like to be alone, are shunned by a world that cannot stop talking.  However, Susan Cain, author of the bestselling book Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, has taught all of us not to overlook the "loners." She had worked extremely hard to preach the fact that introverts are still normal.  Susan Cain is my hero because she had also taught me that I am not a foreigner, an alien, to the modern human race. 

              From her own life, Mrs. Cain had understood the quiet and intelligent.  She herself was an excellent student, and attended the prestigious Princeton University.  Soon after, Susan went to Harvard Law School, where she studied corporate law.  She worked as a negotiations consultant before she decided to become an author. Her book made a stunning debut in  January of 2012. Currently, she resides besides the banks of the Hudson River, in an 1822 captain's cottage.

            Regardless of her successes, Susan Cain was always an introvert, even since childhood.  Her afternoons were spent writing stories and homemade "magazines" to sell to her neighbors.  On Fridays, she would come back from the library with tremendous stacks of books.  This was her daily life.  In her book, Mrs. Cain gives credit to her parents for not telling her to socialize more, play outside, or try harder to make new friends.  She believes that introverts that had guardians like this were able to grow up with the quiet, gentle power to influence the world.  This power, she says, had helped her accomplish everything she has up to this point.  She gives examples to her readers about others who have found the same appreciation to introversion as her.  Her researched opinions have affected and intrigued many people in both the United States and the U.K. 

  As an elementary school student, I was teased and bullied for hanging around by myself, being too quiet and studious, and thinking too often of the purpose of my life (not that they knew I was thinking about that).  Consequentially, I came to believe that I was a stranger in my own environment, predestined to live as an outcast forever.  I came to believe that I was closer to something else other than a human, and followed that philosophy in my daily life.  However, a breakthrough occurred during the second trimester of eighth grade.  My mother, who doesn't work but is still very interested in psychology, introduced me to a long, thick, grey-covered book with the word Quiet in bold, red letters.  The book that was Susan Cain's masterpiece, drawn upon the power of introverts, changed my viewpoint of myself.  I gradually realized that there were many more of my kind on this obnoxiously loud planet.  I began to see the unique abilities that were fixed upon me at birth.  The reading revealed to me the different components, both psychologically and physically, that made me who I was. To this day, I feel eternally indebted to Susan Cain, the one person who made me comfortable with my personality.  I owe her so much.

           In conclusion, Susan Cain has given all of the introverts of the world the gift of normality and knowledge of themselves.  Many people, including myself, are grateful for all she has shared with us in her book Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking.  Susan Cain is forever my hero because she gave her book and knowledge to the human race. 

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