Steven William Hawking

by Matt from Kentucky

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

My definition of a hero is someone who devotes their lives to one of a few things…such as helping people, protecting people from harm, helping to advance the human races knowledge and technology to help us advance or survive. This being the case I believe that Steven Hawking is a true Hero, due to the fact that even though he was suppose to be dead before the age of 30 he has chosen to devote his entire life to the understanding and advancement of the human's knowledge of the universe around them. Stuck in a wheelchair for years he still spends all of his time attempting to discover the unknown and understand it, or figure out ways to understand it so he can spread the knowledge to the rest of our populace.

With his advanced understanding of physics he has attempted to unveil all of the secrets of the universe and its contents. For example his most well known discovery includes the black hole and all the information that we have about that discovery has branched off of his mathematics, and his discoveries. With this in mind not only has he made all of these discoveries but he has made them without the use of his legs, hands, arms or any part of his body aside from his eyes, and his brain. This is not from choice, but because at a young age he contracted Parkinson’s disease and has been deteriorating ever since.

It is sad in my opinion that such a great person can be afflicted with such a bad disease, he has continuously worked since he was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s to understand the universe and everything in it. He is by far one of the smartest people on the planet, and people speculate about his IQ regularly but never actually calculated. I know most people wouldn’t choose their hero to be someone off of mere intelligence, but I have chosen Steven Hawking due to the fact that he is not the best known person, the most liked scientist among the masses, or the best looking person in the world like most peoples heroes in celebrities, but he is an intelligent being that selflessly works to understand the universe for us as a race, and in his deteriorating state hopes that they find a cure for his disease as he works on and on to discover the secrets of existence.

Scientists have continuously tried to prove his ludicrous theories wrong and have even pushed him to the point of saying that they were incorrect before, but in the end they always go back and look at his theories and even though they disagree with his logic they are proven wrong, that those theories the once thought completely ludicrous and not even close to reality were at least on the right path. For example a few years back the Scientist Community forced Steven into the state of saying that all of his theories were made up and wrong, and less than 6 months after they declared them fake they reiterated them and said that they were not completely correct but they were not wrong either.

Every since the day he first discovered the black hole he has been fighting to prove that his theories and discoveries were real. It was argued in these situations that black holes were not real. There was no way anything could be so big and so powerful and never noticed, but with closer looks they discovered this massive force so powerful that it holds together the matter that makes up the individual galaxies were real; they just weren’t technically a hole. Because nothing could rip a hole in space and time, they could only possibly be a strong force that was so dark that it seemed like it was a hole. These Scientists worked together with Steven to determine that the “Black Hole” was actually more of a Neutron star type of matter that is so dense and infinitely small that it has a gravitational pull powerful enough to pull in everything including light. Since it pulls in everything, including light, it is hard to find, which is why the Scientists fought so hard defending their position saying it didn’t exist.

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