Sofia Ionescu

by Marius Dragos from Al. Papiu Ilarian Highschool Dej

Sofia Ionescu ( )
Sofia Ionescu ( )

I consider Sofia my personal hero because I respect people who use their time to help other people. Sofia Ionescu was a dedicated doctor who worked hard to help people.

Her life story began in 1920 and finished in 2008. Since she was a young girl she liked to help and cure people and comfort them with a lot of love, mercy, compassion, strength and with a very brave heart.

During War World I there were many wounded people and few doctors, so the students were also brought to give a hand of help. It was an important beginning for Sofia, because she succeeded in making a difficult surgery on the brain, assuming an enormous risk. When the doctors saw what she was able to do, they knew that she would be able to work as a professional doctor and they taught her all their secrets. The famous teacher Dimitrie Bagdascar invited her to join him in his neurosurgeon team and she accepted that honor.

When she went to Paris the doctors from there couldn't believe that she could be such a famous woman doctor, so they tested her and she accepted the challenge, passing the test. Her dedication, personality and human qualities were rewarded with the Special Medal of the Red Cross in 1948.

Devotion, irresistible passion for the profession, modesty, respect for patients, correctness are just a few reasons that made me choose her as one of my personal heroine. I also think she is my heroine because she sacrificed her life to help innocent people and to show to entire world that every man from this earth has a chance to be cured. Also I appreciate the medicine and the people who dedicated their lives to saving other people.

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