Steve Irwin

by Ethan from Hervey Bay

Steve doing his work.
Steve doing his work.

Steve Irwin (also known as the Crocodile Hunter) was an international environmentalist and animal preserver. He dedicated most of his life to the conservation of all animals he came across.

Midway through his career, he opened up an attraction park known as Australia Zoo. This zoo was filled with many wonderful animals (even Crocodiles) and a live feeding show, presented by Steve himself.

Through many of his adventures, Steve came across many different types of animals. Some friendly and some dangerous. There could have been animals that had fur and wool, or animals with spikes and venom. However Steve loved all animals and made it his life to try and help them and to try to learn more about them.

A few years ago in 2006, Steve was filming a documentary at Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia. While he was swimming, he came across a string-ray, which tragically shot its barb through Steve’s heart and unfortunately, Steve died.

Steve’s work still lives on today through his family and his many supporters. The zoo is still operational and is supported by countless amounts of people all over the world.

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