Steve Irwin

by Chayton from Nevada

Since I was a young boy, Steve had his own show, called The Crocodile Hunter. He ran a zoo called The Australia Zoo. It housed many animals and reptiles, including: snakes, birds, kangaroos, crocodiles, tigers,camels, Tazmanian Devils, elephants, and others. He had two kids, named Bindy and Robert, and a wife named Teri. He had a very good friend named Wes, whom he saved from being killed by a crocodile at the zoo.

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Steve Irwin

He had many fans,such as me, and many adventures, such as when he went to Antarctica. He wanted to save animals from becoming extinct. Steve has always loved animals, even when they hurt him. He suffered bad injuries, like when he broke his chest-bone while trying to capture a super crock in order to release it to a safer place. Steve even named his daughter Bindy Sue, after his favorite crock Bindy, and his beloved dog Sue.

Steve was devastated when he lost his mother to a fatal car crash, and his dog Sue to cancer. He inherited his love and passion for wildlife conservation from his father Bob. Since he was a young boy, he would rescue sick and injured animals. His father started the Australian Zoo many years ago. At the beginning, the zoo was very small. Since then, it has grown into a huge, animal loving habitat under Steve's direction and guidance.

Because of Steve Irwin, much needed attention has been given to wildlife conservation. Steve continually shows the public that we should not fear these animals, but instead protect them, because they are very important to the earth, just as we are. His love for crocodiles was so strong that he gave each and every one a proper burial. His daughter Bindi inherited his passion and love for all living creatures. She has followed in her dad's footsteps since she was a baby. Steve and Bindi were working together on a new television program for a television channel called Animal Planet.

In September 2006, Steve Irwin lost his life while filming a segment for the show. A sting rey's barb pierced his heart, fatally wounding him. It was a huge loss and tragedy that could be felt around the world. Thousands of mourners journeyed to the Australia Zoo to pay their respect to this beloved "Wildlife Warrior." His family and friends have vowed to continue his legacy. The world will miss him, especially the animals.

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