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Steve Irwin

by Brandan from Cornwall

My own definition of a hero, is someone who is brave, intelligent, easygoing, giving and helpful. The person I chose is Steve Irwin. Steve is commonly known as the << Crocodile Hunter >>, he founded The Steve Irwin Conservation foundation(Wildlife Warriors Worldwide). The charities he has supported are the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund as well as the International Crocodile Rescue.

Steve Irwin and his father Robert(Bob) Irwin ( )
Steve Irwin and his father Robert(Bob) Irwin ( )

Steve, was born February 2nd 1962 Essendon, Victoria, Australia. His parents were Lyn and Bob Irwin, his father taught him a lot of what he knew. Steve had two sisters, they were named Mandy and Joy Irwin. Steve's wife's name was Terri Irwin. They had two children together, their daughter is named Bindy Irwin and their son is named after Steve's father, Bob (Robert) Irwin. As a child, Steve was involved with the family park in several ways, he helped with the daily animal feeding, as well as helping with the care and maintenance. He wrestled his first crocodile at the age of nine, under his father's supervision. He successfully won against the crocodile and was very proud of himself.

In my opinion, the five greatest qualities of my hero (Steve Irwin) is that he's brave, intelligent, easygoing, giving and helpful. An example of his bravery is when he had been bitten by a crocodile but still loves to wrestle and help them. An example of his intelligence is that he knew A LOT about animals, especially reptiles. There are plenty of examples of Steve being easygoing, well for example if you take a look at any of his << The Crocodile Hunter>> episodes, he's always easygoing and happy. An example of his givings is that he's involved in several funds/charities mentioned in the first paragraph. An example of him being helpful is that he helped out a lot with the family park as a child, he always helped with the daily animal feedings, care and maintenance of the family park.

Some of the things that my hero (Steve Irwin) has done to earn the title of a hero are the following: he wrestled over one hundred crocodiles and helped them to give them a better home (while he was a teenager). He`s been bitten in the hand by a crocodile but he continued on with his career and doing what he loves to do.

My personal opinion of what my hero has accomplished is that he really helped save a lot of crocodiles by giving them a better home and even bringing them to his zoo to raise them. He`s a great person for founding the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation as well as supporting the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund charity and the International Crocodile Rescue. To conclude, Steve Irwin <> is my hero.

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