Animals Heroes

Steve Irwin

by Lizzy from Hingham

"If there was one thing that I, Steve Irwin, would want to be remembered for, it is to be remembered for passion and enthusiasm.

My personal hero is Steve Irwin because he assisted the animals and helped establish land that was in desperate need of conservation. Steve Irwin was one of my greatest hero’s on Earth because he helped save wildlife and educate people about needs of the wildlife. He helped them understand what was happening and the need to conserve land. Steve was a determined, selfless, and passionate person. He cared deeply about the world of wildlife. I feel he was a great man from the moment the press mentioned his name.

Steve was a very determined person. He liked to get things done the right way. Steve was very focused on making changes in the world of wildlife. He believed that everyone and everything had a right to live just as much as we have a right to live. Steve produced episodes about wildlife to teach and educate people on the animals and land that we were destroying which is still happening today. When he was filming he always tried to keep the camera on the animals, never on him. He wanted people to actually be educated and be knowledgeable about the wildlife and conservation land. Another project of Steve’s included was his charity funding. Steve was always giving money to charities who were attempting to save conservation land or saving animals. Steve was extremely determined.

Selflessness was a big part of Steve. In his show The Crocodile Hunter you could tell by the way he was acting, he was always talking about the wildlife. In my research I found out a lot about Steve in the book, Steve and Me by Terri Irwin. By reading this book, I could find out a lot of information on him because it was written by his wife. While I was reading I found out that even with all the shows and managing the zoo he still had time for his family. Somehow, with all the work he was doing, he had the time to have fun with his kids and wife; leave all his worries behind him and be a husband and father.

In my reading I discovered from the very beginning, Steve was always passionate about wildlife. He was intrigued and fascinated especially by reptiles. He worked all his life with animals. His parents owned a zoo in Queensland, Australia, and he and his father would go out together to study crocs so they wouldn’t be killed. Later on, when his parents couldn’t manage the zoo anymore, Steve took over the zoo and worked there all the time. In Terri’s book it says “Steve was always working on the zoo whether it was taking in animals or making the zoo bigger.” So as you can see he was very passionate about the zoo wildlife, and educating people.

Steve Irwin was a very passionate, determined, and selfless man. Steve had made a lot of changes in the world of wildlife. He educated people on animals and the conversation land, he made a movie about his trips and the discoveries he made. He did what he could to make a difference in the world. This is why Steve Irwin is my hero. The day he died, the people and the wildlife lost a great champion in the world. From all that I’ve learned about Steve Irwin’s life, I know that I will now take more of an interest in wildlife and the need to conserve land and preserve the environment.

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