Animals Heroes

Stephen Irwin

by Steven from Romeoville

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was born on his mothers' birthday February, 22 1962, in Victoria, Australia. Steve Irwin was a respectful, responsible, caring, generous, and willing to sacrifice man. He is respectful because he respects all animals, and what they do and he knows how hard it must be for them, and he cares for them.

Steve and his wife
Steve and his wife

He is responsible because he does what he needs to, and he takes care of many animals. He is caring, because he donates to save endangered animals, and he loves all animals

Steve and a marine iguana
Steve and a marine iguana

He is willing to sacrifice because he sacrificed his life to save animals from a forest fire, and sacrificed his life to save sea turtles that were trapped in seaweed.

Sadly on September 4, 2006 Steve was working on his daughter's show when he accidentally frightened a stingray and it stabbed him in the heart with its sharp tail and killed him instantly.

Stephen Irwin cared
He helped critters here and there
Steve was there for them

He is not to blame
He won't let animals suffer in vain
Because he saved them from a forest fire of pain

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Extra Info

Steve Irwin was born on his mother's birthday February, 22 1962, in Victoria Australia. He grew up in Queensland Australia, where his parents Bob and Lyn Irwin opened a small Queensland reptile and fauna park.

There Steve grew up by many different types of animals. It was that that got Steve to have a hobby of catching animals which later became a career for Steve.

Steve got married to a woman named Terri Raines. He had two children Bindi, and Robert Irwin. Steve later got a job as a crocodile remover who would catch and remove crocodiles from human populated areas. That job later lead to bigger opportunities for Steve, because that got Steve to become one of the world's best wildlife TV stars, the Crocodile Hunter.

His shows became a hit. Broadcasting in 137 countries, reaching nearly 500 million people, the Crocodile Hunter became one of the world's most commonly known wildlife TV stars. But sadly Steve died September 4, 2006. Steve died of a stingray attack. But the one thing we will always know is he died doing what he loved.