Steve Irwin

by Kyndall from Monroe

Oh Crickey!
Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was a great Australian hero, also known as the “Crocodile Hunter” in America. He was born on February 22nd of 1962 in Essedon, Victoria. He died on September 4th 2006 at Port Douglas, Queensland. His full name was Stephen Robert Irwin. He was married to Terri and he has a daughter and a son, named Bindi and Bob.

Steve was always an animal and reptile lover. Ever since he was a kid he would always nurse them back to health if they weren’t doing good on their own. Steve risked his life with venomous snakes and spiders, and crocodiles. He performed shows and created his own zoo. He loved kids and he especially loved his job.

Steve was very passionate about his job. He was always a brave man, and everyone around him admired him for his courage. Everyone who personally knew Steve was very lucky. He cared so much about people and animals. He was a wonderful person and that’s why he is my hero. He meant so much to the world back then and he still does to this day.

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