Steve Irwin

by Josephine from Laguna Beach

Steve Irwin was my hero throughout my life. Unfortunately he died when I was seven years old and I was very sad. But, he is still remembered by many hearts. Steve Irwin is my hero because he basically saved many animals lives by moving them into a better environment. He was a role model to a lot of kids, teens, young adults, and adults.

After his tragic death, his daughter "Bindi" took over the family business. They all loved him so much, they couldn't believe what had happened. Bindi now has her own show in her father's honor. She shows all different animals like her dad did. She is still has a lot to learn but her dad's spirit will help her along the way, and of course her mom.

Steve cared for all kinds of animals like... snakes, birds, reptiles, and all others. He would care for them and make sure that they were safe, sound and secure! He loved animals just as much they loved him. He would do anything to save an animal. He risked his life every day, until he died.

That is why Steve Irwin is my hero because he loves animals as much as I do and I love animals a lot!!!!

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