Steve Irwin

by Robyn from Kingsville

The person you see in the photo above is Steve Irwin, but most people know him as the Crocodile Hunter. Even though Steve is called that, he would never hurt them and never did hunt crocodiles to hurt them because he loved them so much. They were also his work and joy in life.

Steve has done more for our planet than anyone else. He is known as the number #1 conservationist in the world. As seen in the photo above, his work did not stop with just crocodiles. His work is with all animals, his father built the Australia Zoo and Steve grew up there. He has not only saved and cared for uncountable numbers of animals and all different sorts of animals from all over the world. He traveled all over the world helping people with problems with the wildlife but also to teach others how to understand and get along with them.

Steve is well known for the clothes he wears and his unforgettable Australian accent. Steve grew up and lived in Sydney, Australia, at his family's zoo. This is where his love for animals grew. He even started to raise his own two kids in the zoo in hope that they too will learn to love, understand and to protect animals, mostly because a lot of animals can't even protect themselves from humans.

Steve was born on February 22, 1962 but he unfortunately died on September 4, 2006 at the age of 44. He died while doing a documentary about sting rays when he accidentally got too close to one and it stung Steve through the heart with its barb at the end of the its tail.

Talking about my hero Steve is a very hard subject for me because he is my hero, a hero to a lot of people truthfully. Steve is also very important to me because he had made a really big difference in my life. I am 19 now but, I can still remember watching his show as a small child and I still watch the reruns on Animal Planet. Steve Irwin has done a lot for me in my life, even though I have never met him in person, but thanks to him I also love all animals. What I learned from him made me want to do my part to help animals. Because of what I learned from my hero I was and still am inspired to become a vet so I can do my part.

I know this might sound strange to you, reading this, but I think that no one like Steve will ever come around again. I say this because of his love for animals and that the look in his eyes when saving animals is one of a kind. I write this in his memory and in the hope that he will still inspire people like he inspired me.

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