Song Ji-hyo

by Nancy from Taipei

When it comes to the bravest woman, Song Ji-hyo always comes to my mind. Born in Korea, Song Ji-hyo is a famous actress and host in this country. With positive attitude about her own career, Song Ji-hyo seldom encounters obstacles in her performing career. Her earnest and dedicated performance makes her invited by many programs and the most famous program called ''Running Man' 'even chose her to be the only woman in eight hosts. Although she is a household name in Korea, she still remains modest. She sees every job as a gift and does her best in every job. It is her positive attitude about life that makes her nominated several times, and lets everyone knows her success is made by her own efforts.

In addition to the success in her performing career, Song Ji-hyo also devotes herself to charity. She had joined International Relief Organizations and assumed the office of ambassador. She went to the Philippines in for concern children who lived in hunger and poverty. It is her love that her fans admire in her. Apart from this, Song Ji-hyo is a special actress in performing arts. Unlike other actresses, Song Ji-hyo never cares about her image when she is in entertainment TV shows. Because of this, Song Ji-hyo has even awarded the most natural beauty. From Song Ji-hyo, I learned that the woman who works the hardest will be the most beautiful. There is no denying that Song Ji-hyo has a huge influence on the way I view life. And Song Ji-hyo will always be the bravest and most beautiful hero for me.

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