Steve Jobs

by Shaw from San Diego

Steve Jobs committed copious of actions throughout the duration of his life that made his Legacy heroic. Also, Steve Jobs was a hard working intelligent person that altered the computer and technology industry forever. That is why he is my hero. He was born on the year 1955 to unwed parents that could not manage their newborn child. His mother put Steve up for adoption. He was later adopted by a Paul and Clara jobs. He then grew up in California. His father Paul Jobs later gave Steve a kit that would start Steven's interest in computers. In my opinion a hero must possess stubbornness and will. Steve Job's persevered through tough times in his life that pushed him towards the hero that he was. However, Steve Jobs also revolutionized the computer industry and became one of the biggest inspirations of the twentieth century. Perseverance helped him to focus and work through difficult tasks. Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer industry by creating and inventing apple products that pushed the entire computer industry to compete for new innovative ways to shape technology. Steve Jobs possesses intelligence and perseverance that evolved the computer industry therefore, making him a hero.

Steve Jobs portrayed perseverance throughout his life to undergo struggling times that seemed hopeless for him and that is one reason why he became my hero. Jobs teaches me that even if you're not born into a great family and even if you're adopted doesn't mean you can't achieve high goals. On many accounts Steve jobs disproves the stereotype that if your adopted the child will not achieve a high level. His perseverance is what allowed him to disprove this stereotype and change the world. That is truly heroic to me. "Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs was from the outset deeply committed to effective and compelling industrial design for Apple products." This quote proves that even though Steve Jobs was adopted he still became the co-founder of Apple. Apple is the largest computer company in the world. Therefore, because he became co-founder of Apple he is extremely successful.Steve Jobs committed his entire career in designing innovative and effective Macintosh computers. He changed and sculpted his computers by perseverance. Without perseverance I doubt he would have been able to shape the future of computers. In the 1970's Steve Jobs released the first two Macintosh computers. "The first computer the pair designed and marketed, the Apple I, sold for $666 in 1976. It was the first single-board computer with built-in circuitry allowing for direct video interface, along with a central ROM, which allowed it to load programs from an external source. The Apple I earned Jobs and Wozniak $774,000. A year later, the Apple II was launched with a simple, compact design like the Apple I, plus a color monitor. Within three years, the Apple II's sales had grown by 700 percent, to $139 million." The Apple I was designed and marketed for the value of $666. It was marketed on the year 1976. Steve Jobs split the money they acquired from the first apple computer between him and Wozniak. However, sales boomed when the Apple II was released. The year the Apple II released it sold a total of 139 million dollars. Throughout the 1970's progress was shown with the first two apple computers. The first apple computer was a success because there was a circuit board that load and read programs. People could now point and click on icons. However, when the second apple computer was released here sales surged an income of 200 million by the third year of release. In the 1970's Apple products were advancing at an astonishing rate. Times were tough and nerve racking for Jobs. However, he always persevered. Steve Jobs accomplished many great things in the 1970's. Apple was on a road to bigger success. Steve jobs never stopped persevering and he lead his company to success. His perseverance has made him my hero.

Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer industry by constructing new effective computer devices. The computer devices that he created."Steve Jobs helped revolutionize the personal computer industry, creating the innovative Macintosh computer and developing Apple Computer, Inc., into a multibillion dollar company." How many people do you know that make a multibillion dollar industry? You have to do amazing things to make that much money, Jobs accomplished those tasks and his products. Jobs inspires people to be creative and elegant with their work and to think outside of the box. Other companies tried to overcome got some ideas from Apple and made those ideas better. But other people preferred Apple instead of the other companies. "In January of 2007 / Jobs announced that Apple would debut the Iphone."In San Francisco during a conference in 2007 Apples top executive Steve Jobs announced the release of the first generation Iphone. It made a huge success with that product. The Apple Iphone was released it made a huge impact to apple and made a lot of sells. It made apple to come up with new ideas and threw out the generations of Iphones it has improved and made it really popular. Apples products helped the computer generations and made it improved so much threw out the years. Jobs came up with new ideas and made their apple products better and made a lot sells. The apple Iphone was also a hug success and it made other companies get ideas from apple.

In Jobs' bedroom and garage they designed and Page 562| Article built their prototype. With $1,300 (earned from selling Jobs' Volkswagen microbus and Wozniak's scientific calculator), they started their own company. Wozniak quit his job at Hewlett-Packard to become vice president in charge of research and development. Jobs came up with the name Apple, in honor of the summer he worked in an Oregon orchard. This was the start of the top computer industry. He started to come up with all these great ideas. Soon enough he made those ideas come to life. The first apple computer made a success and was popular. Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs was from the outset deeply committed to effective and compelling industrial design for Apple products. He believed that intelligent graphics and products with proven usability did not merely determine how the consumer judged or identified with a company's product-successful design could also enhance the user's understanding of how a product worked and increase user comfort with the product. At a time when personal computers were still novel, Jobs considered it especially vital for his products to be accessible rather than intimidating As you can see, this says how apple is always coming with great ideas and improving their products in small steps.Apple is always one step ahead and always updated on the latest software out there. Jobs wanted to know what's inside and out of the products and he wanted them to be successful. Jobs wanted to increase the confront of his company and products.Steve jobs made a successful computer industry and made products that represents each generation. Jobs made something that no other company has ever made and it inspired me and made told me those imaginations infinite.

Perseverance is what Steve Jobs utilized to evolve the computer industry that makes him my hero and inspiration. Throughout Steve Jobs life he, persevered, revolutionized the computer industry, and therefore became an inspiration to me. Perseverance is what allowed him to push through hard times as he was trying to start his company Apple and as he was trying to fight pancreatic cancer. He revolutionized the computer industry by constructing new products that exceeded all other on the face of the planet. Therefore, competition grew and other companies were trying their best to create products that acquired new software. Thus, making Steve Jobs the engine for revolutionizing the computer industry. Steve Jobs is my inspiration because he was a world leader in business and experienced hard times to get his company started so that he could see his company hit rock bottom. Steve Jobs inspires me push and shove through difficult challenges in my life. Jobs also taught me to use those tough times as a beneficial learning experience. Through the life lessons and trials I face Steve Job's shows me to embrace them. Therefore, because Steve Jobs taught me to embrace my lessons as a learning experience he is my hero. Steve Jobs is my inspiration and that makes him my hero.

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