Steve Jobs

by Michael from Marathon

Jobs presenting the iPhone (
Jobs presenting the iPhone (

Steve Jobs was one of the best inventors of all time. Jobs co-founded Apple Computers, which is arguably the best technology company of the 21st century. Steve Jobs is a "Renaissance man" because he pushed the limits of technology by inventing various remarkable computer technologies.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 in Los Altos, California(Verts). What most people don't know about Jobs, is that he was adopted. His birth parents are Abdulfatta Jandalli and Joanne Scheible(Steve Jobs: Adopted). After being put up for adoption, Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.

At a young age, Steve Jobs was interested in technology. During high school, Jobs was offered an internship at a local computer company, Hewlett-Packard. During his internship, Jobs asked his boss if he could borrow parts to build a machine. His boss was impressed and gave him the parts he needed(Steve Jobs Biography). After he dropped out of college his second year, in 1976' Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak invented the Apple I (Verts), which started Apple Computers Inc.

Steve Jobs wanted for everyone to have their own personal computer. Jobs made this possible by building computers cheaper, making the much more user-friendly, mass produced them, and made them easy to own. Before Jobs computers were large, expensive, unreliable, dull, and very hard to access. Jobs improved these ideas, and invented some of the best technologies the world has ever seen.

Jobs died October 5, 2011. (
Jobs died October 5, 2011. (

Because of Steve Jobs, modern Apple products make our lives easier. We use them to learn, entertain, communicate, and much more. Jobs inspires many of the products from all companies you see today. In our modern world, you will see Apple products almost anywhere you go, places such as schools, businesses, even the military, but mostly you will see them in the hands of everyday people. If Jobs wouldn't have co-founded Apple, life today wouldn't be as advanced as it is. We wouldn't be able to use Apple to like we do. Throughout his career, Jobs has: invented Apple I, Apple II, iMac, Macintosh, iBook, iPod, iPhone, Founded NeXT, and owned Pixar for several years.

Steve Jobs definitely meets the criteria for a "Renaissance man". He pushed the limits of art and technology, and did what was thought couldn't be done. He was one of the worlds greatest innovators. Jobs died in October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs will never be forgotten.

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