Shequitta Kelly

by Janay from Fort Wayne

"I believe that we can all succeed if we help each other." ~ Shequitta Kelly
Modeling Picture of Shequitta Kelly (
Modeling Picture of Shequitta Kelly (
Being 15 years old was hard for me. My father was dead and my mom was never home. I struggled with life. I was something different on both the inside and out. I seemed to find love in all the wrong places. I always had free time, but I always stayed out of trouble. I was a very smart person and always into the books. I guess you could call me a nerd, but not a geek. Having a child was something I never thought I would have to experience so soon.

All people have some kind of difficulty they have to deal with in life. People have to struggle and go through so much pain. I have been through tough times, but it hasn't gotten that hard yet. When people get down and depressed they tend to do horrible things. Some students might get picked on every day of their adolescent life and some may even attempt to hurt themselves or someone else. By giving into the pain you can mess up your future or hurt yourself. Sometimes you have to try real hard to get through your problems. Some fail and some make it through.

Modeling Picture of Shequitta Kelly in 2009 (
Modeling Picture of Shequitta Kelly in 2009 (

Shequitta Kelly's life was very hard. She had to go through a very difficult time. She was a single parent and grew up in a bad home and environment. When asked about what was the hardest part about being a single parent mom, she states "Trying to work a full-time job and get my daughter to the places she needs to be, basically trying to work her schedule with mine." Shequitta was 15 years old when she had her daughter. She could have easily given up and never tried, but she didn't and she became very successful. You would wonder what kept her so motivated, and she says, "I knew that college could give me the opportunity to provide my daughter with a better life." Now Shequitta does whatever she can do to help struggling teens get through the hard times. Specifically, she has started a non-profit organization for women and young girls to educate and empower themselves. She has also mentored teen girls in a group home. Now she works for the government as a prosecuting lawyer. She has her own home and lives with her daughter. Even though her adult life is better than her childhood, this woman still has problems of her own, but she never gives up. This woman has made it through the hard times and gives me the strength to know that I can do it too. This woman, Shequitta Kelly, is my mother.

I don't think that I struggle much in life, but some people do. My mom shows me that I can do whatever I want. I see so many people give up and throw their lives away because things become hard. Knowing that my mom finished high school with a baby on her hip makes me believe that I can do anything. Nothing can stop me. If not even a baby stopped her, then nothing can stop me. My mom makes me want to try harder and give to others. I want to help people realize that there is a way. I want to help people through their struggles. Some people don't know what to do when things get bad in their lives, but I want to show them that they can get through the bad times if they just try. My positivity can help someone else. Even though I have a great life, I can try harder, or strive for an even better life. My mom has helped me realize that. She talks to me about things that most parents don't talk to their children about. Some parents are afraid to bring up a touchy subject and that's what causes kids to get themselves into trouble. I'm proud that my mom talks to teenagers and helps them, because we can all use a helping hand. She is an exceptional person and my hero!

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