Butch, a.k.a. Steve Klimek

by Theo from Hastings

“One day at a time,” that’s how Butch Klimek lives his life. Butch is a guy who influences a lot of people. He’s a friend to everyone and a natural born leader.

Butch was born in Wayne, Michigan. When he was born, his father was given the choice that if something were to go wrong in the birth process, whose life would he save – his wife’s or his baby’s? Thankfully, everything turned out well for both mother and baby, and they named their son Steve. After that, his mom and dad, Andy and Betty, had three more sons – Mike, Jim, and John.

His family lived in Minneapolis until Steve was five years old, then they moved to Hastings. There, he attended St. Boniface Catholic Elementary School and Hastings Public High School. In high school, he liked all the subjects. Butch enrolled in the U.S. Air Force Academy for two years and the University of Wisconsin - River Falls for two more years. He earned a degree in economics. He also took a test for the FAA and now works as a navigator for airplanes.

Butch has had lots of struggles but today, he has three children whom he is very proud of – Zack, Ben and Anna. The people he admires are his mom and his dad because they are faithful and have a positive attitude towards life. He says the way to have a good life is to love family and friends and to do the simple things.

From 2008 to 2009, Butch was my hockey coach. That year, I realized what a good leader he is and how well he communicates with people. For example, one kid on our team was mean and didn’t listen to anyone. Butch was the only person who could actually talk to him and that he would listen to.

“One day at a time” is how Butch lives every single day of his life. An air traffic controller, a friend, a son, a father, a brother, a coach – these are all the things he’s known for and more. Steve Klimek is a regular Hastings resident that has impacted people’s lives, including mine.

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