Susan G. Komen

by Megan from Riley, Kansas

Susan Komen and her sister Nancy
Susan Komen and her sister Nancy

Thomas Edison once said "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." This quote is very true for cancer patients. Not all cancer patients though. Susan Goodman was born in Peoria, Illinois in 1943. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 33. Three years later, she passed away from the terrible illness. Susan G. Komen is audacious because she battled cancer bravely, helped fund an organization and showed the world how to cope strongly.

Susan was a great woman. Her family describes her as kind, loving, caring, and brave. In high school she was voted homecoming queen and in college she was voted beauty queen. You can imagine the wonderful type of girl that Susan was. She was happy and always filled with life. She married her college sweetheart, Stan Komen. Then at age 33, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Susan was devastated. Instead of crumbling down and preparing for death by saying her goodbyes, she embraced life and let cancer make her a better person. She fought her hardest and unfortunately, the outcome was not as expected.

Nancy G. Brinker and President Obama (
Nancy G. Brinker and President Obama (

Throughout Susan's diagnosis, treatments, and endless days in the hospital, she spent her time thinking of ways to make life better for other women battling against breast cancer. Before Susan passed away, she talked to her sister Nancy. Susan had told Nancy that she wanted to try to end breast cancer. Nancy promised her that she would do all she could do to stop breast cancer. Nancy definitely fulfilled her promise. She started an organization called Susan G. Komen For the Cure. The foundation started in 1980. Since then it has made $1.5 Billion. It is the largest, most known, and best funded organization for breast cancer. In 2007, the organization trademarked a symbol; a pink ribbon.

When Susan could have been sour and bitter about her situation, she instead showed the world how to cope strongly. Of course everyone has bad days, and that's okay. You can still have a positive and optimistic outlook on life. That's exactly what Susan did. She didn't take life for granted. To her, life had a whole new meaning: battle this cancer and start over. Unfortunately, that was not her destiny. She passed away after three courageous years of struggling. Susan may not have succeeded in battling cancer, but she definitely went down with a fight.

A Susan G. Komen For the Cure race (
A Susan G. Komen For the Cure race (

Susan G. Komen was a brave soul. Her noble sister Nancy is also very brave. Not only did Susan go down with a fight, neither did Nancy. Nancy still hasn't quit fighting. She is now the World Health Organizations Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control. Which is exactly what Susan would have wanted. Susan is one of the most brave people I know. She battled cancer, started an organization, and showed the world her true self. No fake smiles, no fake tears, all Susan showed was generosity. Susan once said "If Mrs. Betty Ford can admit she has breast cancer and tell the whole world she intends to fight it, then so will I."

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Extra Info

Dear Susan,

You are an inspiration to so many men and women. You show people that it is okay to have cancer. You didn't lose your pride or dignity. Staying strong is so important when you're trying to fight a life threatening disease. You are an incredible fighter and many people respect you for trying to stop breast cancer and help other people. Even though you lost the battle, you stayed strong until the end. When your sister Nancy told everyone that you wanted to stop breast cancer, she did an incredible thing: she started an organization. A worldwide organization that gets the most support and recognition. You show people how to cope with what God throws at you. Good or bad. You were a very brave and strong individual. You embraced life when most people would fall apart. Your sister Nancy has accomplished so many things! She stayed true to the promise that she made to you. That shows how strong family can and will hopefully always be in a time of need. Like you, she battled breast cancer. She didn't lose the battle, she won. Not only for herself, but for everyone who has or has had cancer. That's why she's making a great impact in people who have or have had cancer. You made the biggest impact of all. That is why you are my hero.

Sincerely, Megan