Sandra Day O'Connor

by Alex from Pennsylvania

"I don't know that there are any short cuts to doing a good job."
Sandra Day O'Connor (
Sandra Day O'Connor (

In honor of Sandra Day O’Connor, I did research about this hero in “Biography Today.” I chose Sandra Day O’Connor because there was no one left to choose, but then I found out about what struggles she faced in getting to the point that she was accepted into the Supreme Court.

Sandra Day O'Connor fighting (
Sandra Day O'Connor fighting (

Who knew a simple farm girl would give the world such a hero? Sandra Day O’Connor was born on March 26, 1930 in EL Paso, Texas. Her parents’ names were Harry A. and Ada Mae Wilkey Day.

The foundation of heroism is education. She attended Stanford in college and majored in economics. She also met John Jay O’Connor in Stanford in the library John said “It was love at first sight.” They went on 42 dates in a row. They later got married and have three children.

Hard work contributes to heroism. She was later appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan and to her surprise she was accepted. She then began her new life in the Supreme Court.

Sandra Day O’Connor is important to mankind and changed the world. She is important because she was the first woman accepted into the Supreme Court.

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