Musicians Heroes

Sandara Park

by Leanne from Bradford, Ontario, Canada

"She is the image of the group" -Sandara Park / 2ne1. My hero is Sandara Park. She is a famous Korean singer in a girl group. She is also an actress. Sandara is born on November 12, 1984. She was born in Busan, South Korea. Sandara went to high school in the Phillipines. Phillipne pasay chung hua academy.

Even famous people have had obstacles and influences. Sandara Park had trouble with singing when she was younger, but she knew that she has potential. She auditioned for a singing competition in the phillipines, and sadly did not win.

Sandara achieved many great things. She recived a contract signed be YG entertainment, which is a Korean company for singers and musicians. She is very caring toward others, and is not afraid to show who she really is. When Sandara got her contract to YG entertainment she was able to go to a girl group named 2ne1, with three other members.

Sandara is courageous because she is not afraid to sing or show her talents, on stage or off. She is very caring because she shows kindness to people she knows or people she just met. Sandara has cooperation because she is trustworthy in groups, especially because she has learned from her singing girl group. My hero influences me  singing and her acting. Her acting takes most influence on me because, I think she is a better actress. Also she does different language movies, Philipino, English and Korean.

In conclusion, Sandara Park never gave up to pursue her dream to become a singer and actress.

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