Dr. Shuddh Sacchidananda Rauniyar

by PEACE from Sankhu

"Jay Baal Bhojan" May all children of this world have food
Dr. Rauniyar is holding an embroidery in his hand
Dr. Rauniyar is holding an embroidery in his hand

Life is not just appearing and disappearing from the earth. If life is confined to appearances and disappearances, our existence will be of no meaning at all. Therefore it is important for all of us to make an effort to do something good and creative. Some people have already written their name with golden words in the history. And some are working in this present time. Yes, we are going to write about the one who is alive and now also working for the children welfare. Our living hero is Dr. Suddha Sacchidananda Rauniyar. He was born on Sunday, January 1, 1956 AD in Indrachowk , Kathmandu Nepal. He was the son of great father and mother named Late Shree Shiva Prasad Rauniyar and Late Shreemati Sabitri Devi Rauniwar respectively. He had got an inspiration from his parents and relatives. So, he was able to be a great person in his time.

The economic condition of his family was good so he had got a good opportunity of getting good education. He had read in the school named St. Xaviers School. His completed his further education as DHMS (Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery). Even though his subject was science, also he was engaged in social work. He loved to do social work since his childhood. When he was a child he used to roam round the city uselessly. While roaming he used see many disabled, poor, orphan and helpless children in the street. The people roaming here and there had named them as street children. He used to help these children by providing the spare pencils, copies and books collected from his friends. So, since his childhood, he had a dream of helping street children. Today he is able to fulfill his dream in front of this selfish society. We got a chance to know that there is one kind person among the crowd of selfish person.

Man who loves children (Artwork by peace)
Man who loves children (Artwork by peace)

We need not explain more, why he is a hero. He has done so many things in such a short time. He inspires us to help people who are needy. He also has taught us that small help can make a difference. Sometimes, we have also contributed for children’s food programme by donating NRS 20/- each, which is almost like a cost of our tiffin for a day. We are also inspired by his teaching that all religions are same. We should not think any religion as superior or inferior. All religions have same importance. We have learnt that the first quality that we must have in our life is serving potentiality. Life is made for others, not just for us. There is not any value of wealth in the dirt of hands. We realize that life is a never ending journey. So, in the way of life many ups and downs appear. We must have the ability of facing all these ups and downs in our journey. We may see many poor people, in that time we must not continue our journey without helping them because if we do so then they will give us curses and this activity of ours will be our sin which cannot be rubbed from our foreheads. Really someone has said true that “Life is struggle”. To move a bit forward we have to struggle. So we have to understand the value of life.

Now he has been providing food, clothes, shelter and education to the street children. Every day 200 street children are benefited by his noble service. They get food, education, clothes and skills through his programme named “ Baal Bhojan”, which means food for the children. He has been conducting this service since seven years. In our opinion, he is doing very important work through Baal Bhojan. This organization has been providing continuously two free meals & mid-day snacks & milk daily to hundreds of under privileged but lovely street children of Kathmandu since July 1999. It is also providing them love, good company, culture; value based education, art class, music and skill training etc. It helps the children to be skilled & trained. The children who are away from love, company, culture, value of education etc can get those things from this organization. Not only this he has also started a project named VISCOSS (Village school-college students Scholarship Programme )which has been providing scholarship since May 1993 by the support of numerous Donors (mostly Nepalese) thousands of village students (both boys and girls). Till date VISCOSS scholarship programme (VSP) has been conducted in about 70 villages schools of Nepal covering twelve districts benefiting thousands of village students. Not only this he has opened Micro VISCOSS scholarship programme (Micro VSP), which has been providing micro VISCOSS scholarship awards (by local donors) to students in urban neighbourhood government schools from Buddha Jayanti, May 16, 2003 (Jesth 2,2060 B.S.). Till date Micro VSP has been conducted in more than 10 government schools in Kathmandu and Patan of Nepal. This type of scholarship has been provided to the students who are intelligent, honest, dedicated as well as poor are also getting this type of scholarship. This programme is benefiting so many children to get education, who cannot afford to do so on their own. Mr Shuddha S. Rouniyar is also running Mobile Children’s Food Programme / Mobile Bal Bhojan (MBB) since the beginning of Happy Nepali New Year 2058(April 2001), it also started Mobile Bal Bhojan (every Saturday) which distributes 300-400 fresh food packets to other street children and also who are unable to visit Bal Bhojan . Till date this organization has successfully conducted 4 weeks of MBBS. (Presently, MBBS is suspended due to lack of donor support).

These all were the works done by Shuddha S. Rouniyar during this time period. He has been doing these works in the present time. His contribution has become a present for us. The main Motto of him and his organization is ‘Live to Help the Helpless’. Really we have to live for the helpless because they are also humans like us. So due to the relation of our common humanity it is our duty to help them. The goal of life is ‘With the onset of the new millennium (year 2001 ) and by performing all the above Sewa / services, it seems now he have apparently realized the goal of his life that is the spread of religion of humanity (Manav Dharma) by becoming the philosopher of Manav Dharma. He always carries an embroidery, in which the symbols of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism is made. He carries this with him everyday, shows and explains to people that all religions are one, they all have the message of humanity and peace. So, it is useless to fight in the name of religion.

His Message to the Children of the World:
He loves children. He believes that no child is bad. They become bad because they are not given the opportunity to become good. They need good education to become good human beings. He also believes that we should not always think about ourselves. He encourages children like us to help other children who are poorer and unhappier than us. He says that all religions of this world are important, no religion is bigger or smaller. We might follow any religion but we should also respect other people’s religions. Every time he meets someone, he always says, “Jaya Baal Bhojan”, which means Cheers to Children’s Food. His dream is to see all children of this world to have chance to eat food. In Nepal, some children of rich families have a big party on their birthdays. He requests such children to spend their birthdays with the children of “Baal Bhojan” and contribute money they spend in the party. He says, we should never throw away our food, because there are so many children in this world who do not have enough food to eat.

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Hello everyone, We are a group of six students from beautiful country Nepal. We are all 14 years old and 8th grade students. Our group name is PEACE. We knew about this project. So, we are very happy to work in this project. We are able to introduce our hero in front of all. Our names are 1. GARIMA KHADKA 2. SABITA THAPA 3. SUJITA SHRESTHA 4. SANDESH SILWAL 5. SUJAN NAGARKOTI 6. SANGIT KHADKA 7. PRAKASH SIMKHADA 8. MINU THAPA