Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan

by Seung from Ellicott City

"For you and all others"
Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan (
Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan (

I believe a hero is a person who sacrifices themselves to help others. Stephen Kim Sou-hwan was a Cardinal who dedicated his life to help others.

From 1961 to 1987, the South Korea suffered from military dictatorship. During this period, the military dictators tried to stop all pro-democracy movements, by killing off people of South Korea. Many people protested against the government for democracy, but many were captured and killed. Kim Cardinal faced the government and spoke for the people. He supported freedom protesters by helping them economically, providing them with place to stay, and he became the spiritual leader of Korea. He did not become corrupt with the government by its power and continued his protest for the people.

His left his life with integrity. He never accumulated his wealth for himself. He always shared his life, time and wealth with the lower class people. Even though he was a Cardinal, he did not lead his life suitable as Cardinal. This was confirmed after his death by his bank account. $2500 was everything he had. This proved his integrity in life. He was one who practiced “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” (Matthew 4, 3).

Kim Cardinal was one who created the miracle of “feeding five thousand people”(John 6,1 – 14). As Kim Cardinal died on February 16th, he donated his organs. Because he was too old, only his eyes were usable. After he donated his eyes, many people pledge to donate their organs. By Korean association of donating organs, the numbers of organ donor have increased 5 times higher. Like Jesus fed 5000 people with two fish and five breads, Kim Cardinal has given 5 times more organs donors than average with his two eyes to us. He also gave Korea unity under his death in times of economic hard times. Also, after his death, the number of Christians has increased.

Kim Cardinal’s life was all about sacrifice until he died. He was Korea’s spiritual leader, father of the poor, teacher of the weak and a true priest of god.

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