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Sergeant Stubby

by Jose from California

Sergeant Stubby Sitting
Sergeant Stubby Sitting

Sergeant Stubby was born in 1916 or 1917. He was America's first war dog. Sergeant Stubby entered combat on February 5, 1918 at Chemin des Dames, north of Soissons. He entered the army to serve the US.

Sergeant Stubby served the army for 18 months. He participated in 4 offenses and 17 battles. His rank was sergeant depending on what combat he has. Sergeant Stubby saved much lives as he can. He was also a spy, to spy on Germans and hunt them down to notify the Americans.

Stubby standing
Stubby standing

After returning home, . He also met presidents who honored him as a war dog. Stubby accomplished lots of missions and battles. He was a life member at the YMCA, Red Cross and American League. Stubby earned a Gold medal at it and at war.

Sergeant Stubby died in 1926. Stubby was honored with a brick in the Walk of Honor at the United States World War I monument, Liberty Memorial, in Kansas City at a ceremony on Armistice Day, 11-11-06.

The list of medals and gold medals he won. 3 Service Stripes, Yankee Division YD Patch, French Medal Battle of Verdun, 1st Annual, American Legion Convention Medal, New Haven World War I Veterans Medal Republic of France Grande War Medal, St Mihiel Campaign Medal, Chateau Thierry Campaign Medal, 6th Annual American Legion Convention, Humane Education Society Gold Medal.

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