Steven Webb

by Logan from Savannah

My hero lives in Atlanta, GA. He is 27 years old. He was born in St Louis, Missouri. The way I met him was by going to Logan’s Road House. He was a waiter there. After awhile we became good friends with him. He told us his name was Steven Webb and to call him Steve. He was such a good friend of us he moved into our bonus room. My mom encouraged him to follow his dreams to become a fireman. I will tell you how fun Steve is. We had those footballs with whistles in them. All the kids in the neighborhood would play dodge ball with us. When you heard that whistle you knew you were going to have a bruise in the morning. He became a smoke diver in Atlanta. He was the 651st smoke diver in Georgia so we call him 651. He took my brother and me to the Georgia Aquarium. He donates many things to charity.

I think Steve is heroic because he was in the first cadaver dog unit at ground zero. I think he is strong because he’s always being in tiptop shape. I think he is comical because he’s always has good stories to tell. He is smart he did not take the path of his brothers. He is amazing and so brave. He is famous because he has been on Animal Planet and the Today Show.

I think Steve is like Heracles because he never gives up and he is strong. I think he is like Odysseus because he is wise. I think he is like Zeus because he throws a football like it was a thunderbolt. He is like Achilles because he is impenetrable. I think he is also like the Greek heroes because he does fight monsters every day, they are called fires. He might not have super powers, but he sure is better than any Greek hero ever. I want to show the same good example that Steve does. He has been my hero since I met him.

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