Steve Irwin

by Rachel from Manhattan

Steve with baby tiger. (Google ())
Steve with baby tiger. (Google ())

Steve Irwin is a very inspirational person if you are an animal lover or interested in life-risking stuff. Steve Irwin was born February 22, 1962 in Essendon, Australia.  His father was a plumber and his mother was a maternity nurse, but the family's passion was saving and rehabilitating local wildlife.  By 1970, the family had a full time operation called the Beerwah Reptile Park and, of course, their house was like a mini zoo and animal hospital.  Soon Steve came to like dealing with the animals.  By dealing with snakes and other dangerous animals, Steve wanted to start catching crocs and other dangerous reptiles by hand.  He would later release them somewhere safer in the wild or at his parents' park.  In 1991, Steve took over the park from his dad.  Eight years later, he got married to Terri and in 1998; they had their first kid, Bindi.  Then in 2003, they had a son Bob.

Steve and family (Google)
Steve and family (Google)

Steve became very successful as a TV entertainer and naturalist.  He was very famous on Animal Planet and some other shows. You could easily tell he loved what he did. He was always busy with work but still managed to be a family person and include his family in his work.  Now his daughter is in the animal business.  She is "Bindi the Jungle Girl". Steve's son is too youngh to be in the animal business yet.

In 2006 on the 4th of September Steve was killed by a sting ray while filming under water for Animal Planet. He was struck in the heart and killed instantly.Through his influence and interest in exotic animals his daughter has decided to keep the tradition going of being in the animal business. Terri is still supportive of it and will be for as long as they can carry on what he started. Bindi is also a hero to continue in the field in which her father lost his life. Overall, Steve Irwin made people notice the meaning, greatness and role that animals play in our world.

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