by Justine from Wallingford

A hero is someone you can look up to, and base your life choices around. You should have a high amount of respect towards this person. This person should guide you throughout your life.

Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark through their journey. She was an interpreter for them. She helped communicate with other Indians. She helped them gather food and resources. She did all of this with a baby on her back. That's why most people look up to her. She did so much for those people, and she did it all with a baby. It's very hard to take care of more than two things at a time, but somehow Sacagawea did it.

I think Sacagewea is a huge symbol for women today. Here it shows how people needed a new woman to put on the dollar coin, and they chose her because she represents a strong, courageous woman. She has contributed to the success of one of the greatest adventures in America. Many people represent her as a true American Indian woman. Without her, who knows where Lewis and Clark would have gone.

Sacagawea's knowledge of her land saved Lewis and Clark weeks of travel time. Also her knowledge of her language helped her translate to other tribes and it helped keep their food and water fresh. When they ran low on food, Sacagawea was the person who took the time to go gather food from the woods. This is a person who you can base your life choices around.

Sacagawea is a huge role model. This is someone you can look up to, even though she's not here today. Sacagawea accomplished so much, and that's what a hero is. You can base your choices around Sacagawea. That is what exactly a hero is supposed to be, so that's why she is one to so many people. I know Sacagawea is a hero.

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