by Addison, The Community School, 3rd Grade, Sun Valley, ID, USA

Do you know who helped Lewis and Clark discover the West? Well, Sacajawea did! Sacajawea was an amazing Native American. She knew where she was even if she was in the middle of the ocean. She sadly died in her early 20’s. She was a pregnant teenager. She had a baby boy named Jean Baptiste.

Sacajawea was born in the year of 1789 in Salmon, Idaho in the tribe of Shoshone Indians. When she was a teenager, she saw the same river where she was kidnapped as a child. She had saved important papers and supplies in the river from her childhood. She was chosen by Lewis and Clark because she knew the land the best and she was very brave. She was on a trip with them and helping them explore the Louisiana Purchase and other parts of the West.

Sacajawea, Lewis, and Clark encouraged people to settle in the brand new place known as the West. Sacajawea was a strong Native American in history who helped Lewis and Clark discover the west! Without her skills, they would never have made it and probably would have died.

Sacajawea was a female Native American hero who helped discover the west with Lewis and Clark. The United States of America would not be that big without the west. I like to call her a STRONG GUIDE for FREEDOM.

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