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Adam Sandler

by krista

Adam Sandler was born on september 9, 1966 in brookyln new york from his jewish parents Judy and Stanley. Adam Sandler is one of seven children. Always the class clown during school. At age 17 adams brother encouraged him to perform at a boston comedy club. He found he was a natural born comedian.Adam nurtured his comedic talent while at New York University (He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 1991.)After performing in clubs and universities for a while, during his freshman year, he snagged a recurring role as huxtables friend smitty on The Cosby Show.

Adam sandler
Adam sandler

Adam Sandler is a very humourous man. Adam stars in many comedy films like Big Daddy, Mr Deeds, 8 Crazy Nights, and Anger Management.

Adam Sandlers first lead role was the famous "Billy Madison". The wedding singer was the movie that got Adam Sandler started on his road to fame. Since then Adam Sandler has starred in many excellent movies.

One of Adam Sandlers famous quotes is 'Al right' 'I think i can.' I got my information in adam sandler at .

Adam sandler is a very funny man. He has been making comedy since age 17. Hopefully we see him in more films in the future.

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