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Adam Sandler

by Adam from Albuquerque

Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy <br>(The adam sandler experience)
Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy
(The adam sandler experience)

A hero to me is someone who is consistent, in other words he keeps on trying even if he fails. Next a hero to me is someone who is determined, they are focused on what they have to do. Adam Sandler is my hero, because he makes the world happier by making them laugh. He tries his hardest to make us laugh. If he doesn’t then he’ll try harder next time.

Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York. On September 9, 1966 he was born. Adam Sandler is known for his comedy. One of his first movies was Billy Madison. He first started out on the Cosby Show. When Adam Sandler was 17, he tried out for the Comedy Club.

Adam Sandler makes us enjoy our lives by making us laugh. He doesn’t work for money, he works to make people smile. My hero, Adam Sandler, will be remembered by his actions.

 (The adam sandler experience)
(The adam sandler experience)

He played in The Waterboy, Billy Madison, Airheads, The Wedding Singer, Coneheads, and Little Nicky. Adam Sandler Does Saturday Night Live.

 (yahoo images)
(yahoo images)

Adam Sandler was raised in New Hampshire. In 1991, he graduated in Fine Arts. Before 1995, Adam Sandler was in 4 movies. After 1995, he was in 7 movies. His greatest movie was The Waterboy. I chose Adam Sandler because he is a great actor and a great person.

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