Carlos Santana

by Taylor from Hobart

The person I choose to be my hero is Carlos Santana. I choose him to be my hero because his music is great!!!! He was born in 1948. Carlos has been playing music when he was just a little kid. He is now 56 years old now. He still plays and looks good.

He has a wife and two kids. I’m sure their proud of him. Santana won 8 Grammy’s one year. Michael Jackson tied him with 8 Grammy’s in 1983 with Thriller. Carlos Santana lives in the best place in the world, California.

This is what Santana said on how to play the guiter "he makes it clear that mechanics is just a part of it: the hands and fingers do the work but the heart and soul play an equally critical role." I like Santana because he speaks the truth. Also he plays from the heart not for money.

Carlos has 30 records out that I know of. My dad and I love them all. The best one I like was the one with Michelle Branch. It is called "Game of Love". Santana is the best Latin guitar player ever. When “Supernatural” came out it sold 14 million copies just in the U.S! That’s amazing!

Santana is so famous that he has his own fan club. If you go to his website you can get in the club. It has stuff all about Santana and his crew.You can win prizes and even meet Santana himself. So hurry up and sign on!!!!

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