Animals Heroes


by Nigel from New Brunswick

My dog is my hero. She is my hero because she saved my life. She saved my life by chasing away a fox. At first I thought I was going to die. Then I thought about my dog’s house. It was stinky but it was worth it.

This is how it happened. I was playing in the woods then I heard a crack. I thought it was a rabbit so I went to get it. When I got there I found out it was a fox eating a rabbit. Then I started running away. It was chasing me. I thought I was going to die until I saw my dog’s house.

When I saw my dog’s house I went to hide in it. When I went inside, my dog was already in it. It was stinky. The fox found me. My dog was in the dog house with me. When the fox got to the dog house my dog was eating and she didn’t like animals by her when she was eating. When the fox stuck its face in the dog house my dog barked at the fox then she bit her on the nose. The fox ran away. That was the first time I saw her do that. Usually she would just lie on her back and let you pet her. After my dog chased the fox away, I got out of the dog house, ran inside to get a shotgun, but my dad wouldn’t let me. So I just stayed inside for the rest of the day. At night, I couldn’t stop dreaming about what could have happened to me if my dog wasn’t there. That is why my dog is my hero.
By: Nigel.

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