Young Heroes

Alex Scott

by Jeff Doyle from Sycamore Junior High

Alex Scott is a hero to others near and far because she helped raise money for cancer research by setting up a roadside lemonade stand. She has raised lots of money with the lemonade stand and with the help of fundraisers to get $700,000. Alex reflected the qualities of courage and faith as she helped help the country with money for cancer research.

Alex's Lemonade Stand<br>Image Source: Alex website
Alex's Lemonade Stand
Image Source: Alex website

In the county of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, a young girl named Alex fought neuroblastoma a form of cancer which appeared just before her first birthday. As she found out about the disease, she wanted to help others who had it so she put up a roadside lemonade stand and sold lemonade to raise money for cancer research.

By June of 04, Alex’s condition worsened but she hadn’t lost all of her faith. There were soon lemonade stand fundraisers in all states. Alex set a goal to raise one million dollars and Volvo of America helped by having an event that assured the 1 million dollar goal. On August 2, Alex died a peaceful death in her Pennsylvania home.

Alex Scott relates to the book The Hero’s Trail because she represents a hero to others near and far, which is one of the four types of hero’s listed in the book. She represents this because of the money she raised to help with cancer research helps many children around the world. The second type of hero is a hero on the spot, which is where someone saves someone else in a moment of danger. The third type of hero is a survivor hero, who survives something that no ordinary person can survive. The last type of hero is a hero within, who does something that they are told they will never do, like walking with polio.

Although Alex is not with us anymore, she and many other heroes will always be remembered for the great things they did. You can be a hero too if you try and don’t loose your faith. If you’re in a tough situation, don’t loose your courage and pull through. Who knows maybe you will become a hero too.

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