by Samantha from Bethany Hills School

This is Seabiscuit and Red Pollared
This is Seabiscuit and Red Pollared

My hero is Seabiscuit because he showed the world that it doesnt matter how big or small you are how ugly or pretty you are or how fast you can run and how much people like you, this is Seabiscuit's story.

Seabiscuit was born in the United States, he had no good blood line at all. He was only 15'3 hands high and was the ugliest thing that you would ever see. He couldn't run fast, so they trained him to lose to other horses to boost the other horse's confidance and when the entered Seabiscuit in a race, it did exactly and they had trained him to do, he lost.

Seabiscuit and War Admiral
Seabiscuit and War Admiral

When Charles S. Howard met a guy named Tom Smith they trained Seabiscuit to be the best racehorse in the world. He won the big race against War Admiral. Seabiscuit went to rest at the tender age of 14. People missed him and they still do.

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