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by Hannah from Tomball

This is not about going back. This is about life being ahead of you and you run at it! Because you never know how far you can run unless you run. -Penny Chenery
This is not Secretariat! ( (Kelly))
This is not Secretariat! ( (Kelly))

Secretariat was an American legend (1970-1989).  He was a pure racehorse, and loved to run.  Secretariat was born at The Meadow in Virginia in 1970.  His mother was Something Royal.  Penny Chenery organized a coin toss for  two of the foals. Penny Chenery got Secretariat.  From birth, Secretariat was fast.  He would run around the pastures constantly.  He was a born runner.  

When Secretariat was two, he had his first race on the Fourth of July.  He ran in a maiden race, or a race for horses who hadn't raced before, and finished fourth out of twelve.  When he was two, he won the Hopeful Stakes, the Futurity Stakes, and the Champagne Stakes.  When he was three, Secretariat competed in the Kentucky Derby.  He not only won, but broke every track record. He then raced in the Preakness, which is the second race in the triple crown.  Instead of coming from behind, like he did in the Derby, Secretariat started out with an early lead.  Secretariat never faltered.  He won by 2 1/2  lengths.     

Secretariat in Kentucky ( (J. Bruce Baumann))
Secretariat in Kentucky ( (J. Bruce Baumann))

It was 1973 when Secretariat competed in the Belmont Stakes, at three years old. The Belmont Stakes is not only the longest race track, it is the third and final race in the Triple Crown.  Secretariat's jockey, Ron Turcotte, decided to just let him run his race.  The crowd thought for sure that Secretariat would falter.  He didn't.  Secretariat won by a long shot.  His time was 2 minutes and 24 seconds, the fastest time ever recorded in the Belmont Stakes.  He won by 31 lengths, which is an incredibly long lead.  Secretariat is remembered as a racing legend, because of this historic day.  June 9th, 1973 was the day racing history was changed forever. 

Secretariat's final race was on October 28, 1973.  Many fans came to watch the legend's last race at Woodbine Racecourse in Toronto, Ontario.  He didn't disappoint his fans.  Secretariat won his final race before being sent to Claiborne Farms in Kentucky.    

This is NOT Secretariat! This is a Thoroughbred ( (Kerri-Jo))
This is NOT Secretariat! This is a Thoroughbred ( (Kerri-Jo))

 Secretariat is my hero because he has motivated me to run my own race. Even if I don't win, I know that I have tried my hardest, and I will never give up.  Secretariat won 16 out of  21 races in his career as a racehorse.  He is remembered as a legend for his fantastic performance a the Belmont, and has a statue at that same track.  Even as his legendary race grows old, it has made history, and will be remembered as a hero for all time. 

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