Henryk Sienkiewicz

by Olga Chinevich from Belarus

Henryk Sienkiewicz(05/05/1846 — 15/11/1916) is an outstanding Polish writer, one of the classics of world’s literature, a perfect master of an artistic word.

He is well-known outside his own country. His best works belong to most meaningful achievements in the world’s literature and invariably provoke curiosity of new and new generations both in Poland and beyond its borders. Sienkiewicz’s contemporaries witnessed that his readers gathered near news-stalls waiting for editions in which his new novels were published.

So Sienkiewicz is an expert at writing. Some letters are preserved in which his readers asked him not to do any harm to their favourite characters. Moreover there were some facts when people ordered prayers in churches for dead characters of the “Trilogy”!!! HOW SKILLFUL YOU MUST BE TO AFFECT PEOPLE IN THIS WAY?..


Having read his novel “Quo Vadis”(the author was awarded the Nobel Prize for it in 1905) I realized that actions of mankind must be based on love and good. Even if you are offended by somebody, don’t think of revenge but forgive your offender. And maybe acting in this way we shall achieve peace on the Earth, good and warmth, the things each of us is dreaming about.

The novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz aroused in me nobility, forgiveness, kindness, love...That is why this writer is a hero for me. Besides monuments to Sienckiewicz in Bydgashchi, Gdyn, Slupsk, Chanstakhov a monument to him will be erected forever in my heart...

I advise everybody to read this novel and maybe then, loving and forgiving each other, WE, PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLANET, will live in the way we dream about.

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Ms. Olga Chinevich, 11th grade (gymnasium ¹4) student, from Smorgon, Belarus, wrote about her hero, renowned Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz: