Animals Heroes

Shadow Sivetts V

by Gabriel from Laguna Beach

My dog, Shadow, protects me. My family adopted Shadow. Shadow was abused very bad. The Orange County Rescue Camp found him wandering the streets on Christmas Eve. Shadow protects me by barking at any stranger who comes near me. Shadow makes me laugh and have fun. He makes me laugh by wiggling on his back and he playfully growls. He makes me have fun by bringing me his toy and making me play. Shadow is very playful and active.

Shadow does these things every day. Shadow does these things every day because he wants my family to be safe. Shadow also does these things so my family is unhurt. He does these things because he is protective.

Shadow barks when he hears something that might be suspicious in my truck and in my house. He protects my house so it does not get robbed. He does these things in my car because he does not want it to be stolen or hijacked. Shadow is really, really strong.

I chose Shadow because I really admire him. I also chose him because he is cute. I also chose him because I love him and he protects my family. Shadow protects my family all the time. Shadow is a big baby. Shadow is a big baby because whenever my mom or I hug our cat he gets jealous and whimpers.

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