William Shakespeare

by Fiona from Columbia

The dictionary says the definition of a hero is a person of great courage, sometimes one who will risk his own life for something he believes in. The hero may not always be the person the dictionary portrays him as. Pacifists, writers, artists, and even animals were and will someday again be heroes. One does not need to be a warrior or a king or even famous to be a hero. In fact, some of the most legendary heroes of the Earth have been ordinary, yet extraordinary people. Not all of them may have been in wars and some were simply doing what they did best. My story is about a well-known, but peaceful, hero, who wrote and gave millions of modern writing techniques flight. His name was William Shakespeare.

Why, you may ask, would I choose a writer to be a hero? Surely it does not hold the position of honor such as a veteran of some great war would have. But, doubt me not, I believe Shakespeare was a hero. Here I will in my small document present the evidence why I find him to be a hero.

The very first thing in Will’s title to heroism is the amazing impact that he had on the English language. Shakespeare wrote many words in his plays that later became regularly used in the everyday speech of millions. He is even credited for inventing the words upstairs and downstairs. Think of what life would be like if you couldn’t say these words. How would you say you needed to go up to your room?

The next evidence I will present is the great contributions to theatre he made. All of Shakespeare’s plays are masterpieces. They portray his profound understanding of human nature. From Hamlet, to A Midsummer Night's Dream, to King Henry the Fifth, to The Tempest and over a dozen more. Each had its own character and voice. Most of these plays are still performed today, six hundred years later.

Some of you reading this may think me to be a mere girl who knows nothing of what is considered to be in the trend of heroes. Many of my peers write stories of bravery and sacrifice. I may be young, but I know this much is true; as long as the human race continues, there will be heroes, some from battles, others sitting at desks. These wonderful minds of the common hero will be found by few and held in little regard. However, in the words of a great man from another far off time: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Then again, maybe I know nothing of this subject, for I am not a hero.

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