William Shakespeare

by Nasouma from Alexandria

William Shakespear
William Shakespear

Our project for this year in the i-earn is new and exciting one which I liked very much and I was interested while I was writing it. Since our teacher told us about the subject of the project which was "Your Hero" I began to think of the right character whom I could write about until I found my Hero or the effective character, but first you must know the meaning of her...........

The Hero is the person or the character that affects you and you adore so much. I think when you choose this hero you must choose the right one. I know quite well that's there is no right or complete one, but you may find a wise good intelligent person and I found all of these in the character I chose.

William Shakespear
William Shakespear

I choose "William Shakespeare" to be my Hero. I thought and thought until he came as a bright light in my mind and then I decided to write about him.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 in England and died in 1616. His father John was a merchant and his mother was Mary Arden. He was married when he was eighteen and he had one son and two daughters. His son died when he was still young. Shakespeare was honoured by kings and queens for his great plays.

I liked him for his character and manners. He had a great concept in his plays that you have to learn from his plays and have moral lessons. I learnt the meaning of forgiveness, punishment, revenge, intelligence, hatred, love and death. All who read his plays and sonnets are amused by them and want to read them a hundred times. I have read many plays from him such as "Tempest," "Midsummer's Night Dream," "Macbeth," "Winter's Tale" and "King Lear."

Shakespeare was the best in the past, he is the best nowadays and he will be the best in future and forever. Until now we remember him by his great works of plays and poems. Shakespeare must be the King of drama as his work was translated to many languages. Shakespeare wrote over 30 plays and 150 sonnets. Must we not remember him for all his work ????!!!!

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