William Shakespeare

by Frank from Arcadia

A Painting of Shakespeare (
A Painting of Shakespeare (

William Shakespeare is not only famous, but also a hero to many. He had an interesting life, was a terrific writer, and was a great person. I look up to Shakespeare, as do many other people.

I’d like to share some basic information about William Shakespeare. First, he was born in the year 1564, in the Elizabethan period, in England. Also, his father made gloves. One weird fact is that when he worked in the Globe, he only got 10% of the profits.

Shakespeare was a terrific writer. Some evidence of this is that he wrote over 20 plays and poems as well, like Venus and Adonis, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra, etc. His plays and poems often included tragedy, comedy, and romance.

Shakespeare was also a great person. Some proof of this was that he helped design the Globe so people could enjoy his works. Also, even in his old days, he still wrote plays, and poems and that shows determination, so he’d make a great role-model.

In summary, William Shakespeare had an interesting life, was a terrific writer, and was a great person.

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