William Shakespeare

by Carla from Mexico

To be, or not to be: that is the question.

Not even the law stopped this man from writing all his well known masterpieces; he had to move to other countries to write some of them. William Shakespeare was born in England, in April 23, 1564 and was a poet and theatre author, considered one of the best playwrights of the universal literature. Being the third of eight siblings, he was the first male son of Mary Aden; he was raised in Stafford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare studied all of his education levels in that same town, in the King Edward VI Grammar School.

William Shakespeare was married in 1582 with Anne Hathaway, with whom he had one daughter and a pair of boy twins. In 1585 he and his family had to move to another town because he was caught hunting in private property. Only four years later, in London, Shakespeare already had fame of being a good playwright, writer and actor. From 1608, his literary production decreased considerably and after not doing what he loved to, he died in New Place in April 23, 1616.

William Shakespeare is my hero because he has always had that style in his writing that is different from other writers. When you read his plays or books his way of expression, makes you go into the settings, feel the all the sensations he described with a great effort. When I first read “Romeo and Juliet” I was amazed, I got lost in the stories and in the feelings.

Even if I don’t grow up to be a writer, he had a great affect in my way of thinking. Now, I put what I feel in the paper, no matter what others will think about it.

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