William Shakespeare

by Kylee from Lincoln

William Shakespeare, by Kylee (I made this picture in art class.)
William Shakespeare, by Kylee (I made this picture in art class.)

Have you heard of the greatest playwright of all time? William Shakespeare wrote many plays, sonnets, and poems. He was born near the day April 26, 1564. This was the day he was baptized. William’s parent’s names were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden.

John was a glove maker and a bailiff. When William was in his teen years, his dad John suffered financially. John got married to Mary in the year 1557.

Shakespeare might have attended school. If he did he left at age 15. Also he might have memorized poems from school.

Shakespeare had three sisters and two brothers. He got married at age sixteen and his wife was 26. Her name was Anne Hathaway. He had two daughters and one son. His first daughter’s name was Susanna. William‘s son’s name was Hamnet and his last daughter’s name was Judith. Hamnet died at age fifteen.

Shakespeare was an actor, a playwright, and a poet. He had an acting company. William was very financially well off.

Because of his success William earned the nickname Bard. Bard means poet. He was likely to be a tutor as well. His friends were prominent which means well known.

In his acting company he worked equally with his workers. The workers decided that they would change the script after Shakespeare died.

Shakespeare was famous for quotes. His quotes might be what we say today in a different way. Sometimes Shakespeare threw in a joke or two! Shakespeare’s success is important because I enjoy reading his work.

William Shakespeare is a great writer. He wrote many plays, poems, and sonnets. In all, he wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets.

William left behind a lot of history. I love all the history he left behind.

Some academics who themselves the Oxfords believed William didn’t write anything. He was alive but he didn’t write anything. Everything he wrote was fake! I was very interested. It turns out they finally found he wrote everything. His crew changed it because only Shakespeare could act it.

His plays are very vast. Queen Elizabeth loved his plays and we all know he was the greatest, I mean the greatest playwright of all time. I hope he can keep his spot.

Shakespeare impressed me with a lot of amazing facts. We all know about his marriage and his plays. Here are some things I didn’t know.

One of the amazing facts is that at age 15 he bought the New Place. People think he bought it with his own money or his father’s.

The second fact is 15 out of 37 plays would be played by 1597. I didn’t know how many years it would take.

People describe Shakespeare as a business man. When I read this I was surprised. When I talked about he didn’t write anything that’s when they thought he was a business man. Later they found he was a writer again, a very impressive writer.

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